I’m really excited to announce an exhibition of new paintings that I have been working hard on over the last 6 months. “The Sea and The Sky” is a collection of works inspired by sunset and sunrise on the coasts of Singapore. The works are a little different to my previous paintings and have been challenging and fun to create.

For this exhibition I am teaming up with Seastainable a business that supports marine conservation in Singapore and around Southeast Asia. Samantha and the team at Seastainable do some amazing work to protect our beaches and marine life around the region, and I wanted to highlight the importance of their work through this partnership.

The Exhibition will be back at the Singapore Musical Box Museum. I am very happy to be invited back to this special place to show my work and am grateful to Mr Minami, Mr Oorui & the team for making it happen.

As part of this collaboration, Seastainable are organising 2 beach clean-up activities at East Coast in Singapore. Seastainable use the Stridy App for logging their beach cleanup activities. The Stridy App allows individuals and communities to track their impact on the environment as they collect and dispose of litter. You can download the App using the QR code below. Then register and join the “The Sea & The Sky” Team.

Once you have registered just send me an email and I will give you the details of where and when to meet up. All of those taking part will get a 3 postcard pack of the artworks on display complete with a mini easel. The groups are limited to 20 people due to Safe Distancing Measures.

The app is not restricted to use in Singapore, you can use it anywhere in the world. As a thankyou for getting involved, the first 10 people outside of Singapore to contribute 50 points or more will be sent a postcard pack of the artworks.

Event Details:

Friday 4th March 5:30pm: Private Preview
Saturday 5th March 10:30am: Opening (invitation only) with talk by Seastainable founder Samantha Thian
Saturday 5th March 11:30pm: Public Opening
Saturday 12th March 8-10am: Beach Cleanup East Coast
Saturday 2nd April 10am: Talk by Seastainable Team (registration only)
Saturday 9th April 8-10am: Beach Cleanup East Coast

April 17th: Final day of the exhibition

All paintings at the exhibition will be for sale including original works and limited edition prints. Part of the proceeds of any sales will be donated to Seastainable to further their efforts in marine conservation.